Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
8:51 AM 20th June 2024

Foreign Secretary To Attend Gavi Summit To Launch AVMA


Foreign Secretary David Cameron will attend the Gavi Investment Opportunity and African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator launch in Paris today (Thursday 20 June). He will deliver a keynote address, which will be livestreamed on the Gavi website.

At the summit, Gavi will launch the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA) and their 2026 to 2030 Investment Opportunity. AVMA, a 10-year financial mechanism, has been developed in consultation to support the commercially competitive manufacture of critical lifesaving vaccines in Africa. This will accelerate regional vaccine manufacturing and encourage the development of a sustainable African vaccine ecosystem.

The UK government has pledged the reallocation of £49 million towards AVMA’s launch, as part of Gavi’s successful recovery of COVID-19 funds to enhance vaccine equity and improve global pandemic preparedness. This will leave the world in a better position to respond to health emergencies and the next pandemic.

The Foreign Secretary will participate in a plenary with other delegates and meet with ministers.

The UK is a leading supporter of Gavi. Since its inception, the UK has invested £5.5 billion, helping immunise over a billion of the world’s children and save 17 million lives.